A Short Discussion about Schema Markup in Search Engine Optimisation

Schema Markup in Search Engine Optimisation

Before we start discussing Schema Markup and whether it has any role in influencing in SEO rankings, let us at first discuss what actually Schema is.

What is Schema?

Schema is a specific type of microdata, which helps the search engine tools to understand the information in web pages more effectively and definitely. It also helps the search engines to return best-related results to the users, based on search inquiries.

In other words, Schema explains the content of a website to the search engines. This helps the search engines to understand and evaluate that information and return relevant results to the user, based on their queries.

How does it work?

Schema Markup would help the search engine to deal with the content of the page more authoritatively. They also help the search engine to comprehend how the content has to be dealt with.

Schema.org, in this context, comes up with a list of markup vocabularies, which the search engines can easily apprehend. The SEO experts can easily pick up the most popular tags from the list and add them to the HTML for improving the appearance of the web page.

Does Schema influence the ranking of pages?

The answer to this question is NO!! Not directly, at least! As John Mueller, an expert associated with Google has put it in, using structured days does not influence the ranking of a particular site directly.

Therefore, when the SEO experts add this markup to the pages, that does not drastically change the ranking of the pages on the search engine. However, it helps us to understand the content of the page better and in a  comprehensible manner.

However, if you ask the above question in a slightly different way, then the answer will be somewhat ‘YES’!

For instance, if you ask, “Does structured markup data like Schema Markup come in handy in augmenting the chance of SEO improvement or visibility?” The answer is affirmative. It does so in three different ways.

  • Structured Data will assist Google algorithm in understanding the data in a much better way and index it with more authority
  • It will impose a structure on the design-independent architecture of the websites
  • It is much easier to link structured data automatically

So these are the three ways in which schema mark up would help the search engines in dealing with the web content. We will discuss these three points more elaborately in our next blog…



Top 3 Lesser Known Powers of Social Media Marketing For Business Growth

In the recent times, the rapid success of any business does not only rely on the productivity or service efficiency, but proper marketing strategies play a pivotal role too. Especially, when it comes to better visibility of the business on different online portals, effective strategies can give a significant boost to the company.

Whereas search engine optimisation has always been a helpful tool, the effective implementation of social media marketing in Australia has overpowered everything else. The strength of social media lies in the secure connectivity and utilising this particular feature; the marketers can quickly reach out to the maximum customers.

At this stage, not having a strong social media presence is sure to cost you a lot and things can run out of your hands even after putting too much of effort on any other marketing strategy.

Check out some of the reasons that will validate how social media marketing strategies can provide you with the desired business outcome.

  • Social Media Presence Boosts Organic Traffic

boost organic traffic

Have you checked what your competitors do as a part of their social media marketing plan? They just upload a simple picture on the page with some related information that gets attention. The posts act as teaser advertisements that interest people to check out the whole story and with sharing of those images, the organic traffic in your social media page automatically increases.

  • Consumer Relationship Building Made Easy

consumer relationship building

Ease of communication is undoubtedly one of the significant factors that have contributed to the popularity of social media over the time. The marketers utilise this method to design their direct communication strategy for the consumers. For instance, a picture on the Instagram gets millions of shares, reactions and instant feedback from the people who have seen it. This format is worth capitalising by the marketers when they are aiming for a new product launch or searching for the ways to quickly convey any particular business message.

  • Perfect Tool for Earning Brand Loyalty

brand loyalty

Studies on the impact of social media in strengthening business have declared that having active social media profile can help in engaging the customers. Evidently, the social media uploads must be of some quality that will compel them to stumble upon ditching others. It will gradually contribute to the brand loyalty if you become successful in impressing the target audience with the very first post.

Why Should You Participate in the Race?

Over 90% of the business organisations, having an official website are already on the social media platform, and some of those are your potential competitors. Therefore, if you still stay behind and keep nurturing the doubts in mind, it will be nothing but a waste of time for you. You cannot afford to do that if you want to win the hearts of your target audience.

Instead of going for a DIY approach, it is always a wise decision to rely on the professionals who are associated with the leading SMO Company in Australia and ask them to create a strong online presence of your business. Their charges are quite reasonable compared to the other marketing methods, but the impacts are equally strong.